Benefits of Partnership

As an orthodontic practice owner, your days are full. Allow OrthoSynetics to help out with the business side of the practice, while you keep your focus on the clinical and personal aspects of caring for patients.

You're likely to earn more and work less

OrthoSynetics research shows that practices affiliated with us earn 28% more net income (pre-tax) on average compared with independent orthodontic practices. Meanwhile, doctors enjoy a better quality of life, working 5.7 hours less per week on average compared with orthodontists who do not use OrthoSynetics' services.*

You remain in control

OrthoSynetics provides resources and guidance regarding the business side of your orthodontic practice, but the practice remains entirely yours. You make the decisions. OrthoSynetics is not interested in an ownership stake.

You gain from our knowledge

We'll leave it to you to parse the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. Meanwhile, you benefit from OrthoSynetics orthodontic consultants expertise in the worlds of marketing, technology, insurance, real estate and more.

*Data for non-affiliated practices based on the industry median per the 2009 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study. OrthoSynetics' work hours based on a random sampling of historical averages (2009-2010).

OrthoSynetics allows orthodontists to focus on what they enjoy most about their careers - treating patients.OrthoSynetics assists with the business, marketing, and administrative aspects of running an orthodontic practice. OrthoSynetics' orthodontic consultants, orthodontic marketing team, orthodontic HR professionals, and orthodontic business services team can help your orthodontic practice grow. Whether you are simply looking for an orthodontic associate position or you are a current orthodontic practice owner, the OrthoSynetics team of experts can help you take it to the next level.

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