Orthodontic Patient Financial Services

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Speed up your orthodontic practice cash flow

Most small businesses earn revenue from simple, on-the-spot payments, but orthodontic practice cash flow depends on a complex interplay of insurance reimbursements, recurring billing, and patient collections. OrthoSynetics' Patient Financial Services handles your orpractice's financial administrative tasks and stays on top of them. As a result, your orthodontic practice will enjoy more consistent cash flow and fewer unpaid bills. Also, your staff will need to spend less time on mundane financial tasks and collection calls.

OrthoSynetics Patient Financial Services handles the entire financial cycle of your orthodontic patients:

Benefits and Eligibility

Before treating new patients, your orthodontic practice will want to know the status of their insurance coverage. OrthoSynetics takes the time to research insurance eligibility so you can be confident that all patients are cleared to receive and pay for proposed treatments. Your practice won't waste effort scheduling patients who end up canceling or delaying treatment. Advance benefit verification will also head off collection disputes.

In addition, OrthoSynetics' Patient Insurance Planning team reviews existing plan participation, recommends new plans, negotiates fees with insurance companies, and manages the enrollment process for practice owners.


Using data from your practice's OrthoTrac orthodontic practice management software, OrthoSynetics sends out accurate, timely billing statements.


When necessary, OrthoSynetics team members will regularly follow up with patients who are behind on their payments and will help them arrange suitable payment schedules. Using OrthoSynetics for orthodontic collections will relieve your staff members of this unpleasant task, improve cash flow, and allow your practice to focus on positive customer service and patient care.

OrthoSynetics allows orthodontists to focus on what they enjoy most about their careers - treating patients.OrthoSynetics assists with the business, marketing, and administrative aspects of running an orthodontic practice. OrthoSynetics' orthodontic consultants, orthodontic marketing team, orthodontic HR professionals, and orthodontic business services team can help your orthodontic practice grow. Whether you are simply looking for an orthodontic associate position or you are a current orthodontic practice owner, the OrthoSynetics team of experts can help you take it to the next level.

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