orthodontic practice management

How to Manage Your Orthodontics Practice Efficiently

Running an orthodontics practice isn’t always the easiest. There are a number of moving parts that make relying on third-party businesses a vital piece of the puzzle. After all, you deserve to do what you do best; namely, taking care of your patients. But how can you invest in orthodontic practice management? What Is Orthodontic … Continued

online marketing for orthodontist practices

Orthodontic Marketing: 5 Tips for Boosting Your Online Presence

As a result of growing competition, orthodontic practices have to develop effective strategies to be successful. Luckily, social media promotion and online marketing have opened new avenues for these healthcare providers to reach new clients. In this article, we’ll outline some of the essential elements of online marketing that can boost your online presence. 1. … Continued

orthodontics office marketing

Top Marketing Strategies For Orthodontists

When you’re an orthodontist that owns a quality practice, you may wonder how you get new patients without direct advertising. Not only can marketing budgets quickly balloon to astronomical heights, but you really should consider where you want your name out there. You could easily have your face, phone number, and practice information on a … Continued

orthodontic revenue cycle management

Finances and Orthodontics: Why You Need Assistance

When there is an economic depression or other financial issues occurring throughout the country, your orthodontic practice can suffer financially. You want to make sure you have the right orthodontic practice management tools to keep your clinic running strong. After all, it’s vital that you’re making sure to continue garnering customer retention and new leads, … Continued

marketing your orthodontic practice

Do You Need Help Marketing Your Orthodontic Practice?

When you have an orthodontic practice, you don’t always have a steady flow of revenue. That is why it’s worth it to get help marketing your orthodontic practice in the first place. Orthodontic practice consultants can come in handy to bring the right attention to your website and practice. Do you need to consider marketing … Continued

orthodontic insurance collection

5 Steps to Get More Patients — Even During a Pandemic

If your orthodontics practice is suffering due to a lack of patients, you’re not alone. Patient visits have dropped drastically nationwide predominantly due to the pandemic. However, there are several steps that you can take to improve your practice and get patients back in your chairs safely. Here’s what they are: Communicate with Patients Communication … Continued

orthodontic practice consultant

Tips On How to Differentiate Your Orthodontic Practice

Having an orthodontics practice is much like having any other business, but a bit more personal. While other service providers are cutting lawns or providing wedding services, you are focused on helping people achieve their best smiles (aesthetics) or correcting overbites and malocclusion (health). You must literally know your customers inside and out to achieve … Continued

orthodontic collections

4 Smart Tips for Improving Orthodontic Collections in Your Practice

The American Dental Association estimates that there are 10,648 practicing orthodontists in the U.S. This figure translates to approximately 3.27 specialists for every 100,000 Americans. As an orthodontist, you may take pride in giving your patients brighter smiles through effective teeth straightening. Unfortunately, most practices struggle with orthodontic collections. Ideally, you complete an orthodontic treatment, … Continued

orthodontic marketing services

The Best Tips for Growing Your Practice

The right orthodontic marketing services are a necessity for any practice. Unfortunately, many orthodontic practices fall short when it comes to their marketing strategy. To get the most out of marketing for orthodontics, you have to work with a team that specializes in this type of marketing. Why Experts Should Market Your Orthodontic Practice If … Continued

orthodontic practice consultants

Straighten Up Your Orthodontic Marketing During A Pandemic

The current global pandemic is giving many business owners a rough time in terms of keeping and maintaining their cash flow. Seemingly no one is immune unless your business was digital to begin with, as everyone must abide by local, state, and Federal orders to keep people safe. Countless adjustments have had to be made, … Continued

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