Orthodontic Practice Marketing & Advertising

It happens to every practice. Someone lowers their prices and the next thing you know, your market is in a pricing war. You may even feel you’re forced to charge less just to compete. Well, we don’t think you should have to cut your prices.

We Elevate Your Strategy by:

  • Educating your consumers on the difference between getting orthodontic work done by their regular dentist and seeing a specialist
  • Analyzing your market to provide you with the research, support and an operational plan to keep your practice thriving
  • Negotiating favorable agreements on clinical orthodontic products, general supplies, and equipment
  • Handling insurance and collections processes so you can maintain a healthy cash flow.
  • Using consistent collection protocols so you can confidently offer patients flexible payment options
  • Guiding you to create the optimal practice budget as well as budget to actual revenue and expense management