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to help practices elevate their business to a higher level of success.

As most of us know, the industry is changing more rapidly than ever. Dr. David Harnick is no stranger to change. After 11 years as a general dentist, Dr. Harnick developed a strong interest in orthodontics upon developing TMJD. It was then that he decided to sell his dental practice, return to school, and pursue orthodontics. Dr. Harnick credits OrthoSynetics with helping him evolve with the industry and building a practice focused on innovative quality care. Some of the benefits Dr. Harnick has received as a result of outsourcing tasks to OrthoSynetics include a more relaxed atmosphere in his practice, an increase in production and productivity, and an increased overall feeling of being in control – just the way Dr. Harnick prefers it.

Orthodontic Marketing & Practice Management Consultant

"We have been using the insurance/billing from OrthoSynetics for more than eight years. It is a pleasure to not have staff on hold with insurance companies! No stacks of bills in the office and follow up is just as you prescribe."

+ Dr. David Harnick

Dr. Harnick experienced greater success after partnering with OrthoSynetics.

Increase in Conversions
on Supplies
Experience Success.

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