Elevated Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists

OrthoSynetics: Exceptional Services for Orthodontic Practices

With a variety of orthodontic practice marketing and management services we make sure you have what you need to succeed.

OrthoSynetics creates a tailor-made service package built for your practice based on your unique goals. OrthoSynetics provides you with experts from every area providing comprehensive orthodontic consulting, online marketing for orthodontists, insurance collections, procurement, and financial analysis. There to increase patient starts, improve conversions, boost your bottom line and ultimately drive your practice growth.

Your Practice. Our Experts.

Marketing Elevated.

Using OrthoSynetics as your orthodontic marketing company generates, on average, 35% more new patient appointments than other practices.

Marketing Service

A full-service marketing team that focuses on giving your practice a competitive edge in the market as well as strategies that drive new patients.

  • Marketing plan development
  • Market research, including demographic & psychographic analysis
  • Brand development & refinement
  • Graphic design & copywriting services
  • Website design & development
  • Online strategies, including digital ad placements
Drive Starts.

"OrthoSynetics has been successful at designing a marketing plan that is specific and tailored to fit my practice. They have helped us move to a proactive marketing approach and created a cohesive feel to our marketing materials. They have helped us generate more new patient leads and become much better at tracking our marketing efforts. I’m more comfortable spending marketing dollars because we can easily quantify our return on investment. Highly recommend!"

+ Dr. John Andrews

Your Practice. Our Experts.

Consulting Elevated.

Practices that use OrthoSynetics' practice consulting service average a net patient conversion rate of 80%.

Practice Consulting

Our consultants use business analytics, industry trends, and competitive analyses to develop strategic business plans geared towards increasing revenue, profits, and patients.

  • Develop & implement an operational plan based on an in-depth assessment of your goals, market potential, and needs
  • Implement best practices to grow your practice
  • Monitor your practice’s potential with a benchmark review based on regional & local trends
Increase Conversions.

"With OrthoSynetics, you can have the practice you have always dreamed of. I truly appreciate the consulting service, as it’s extremely helpful to have an extra set of eyes to watch the practice metrics. I’ve been able to improve my practice performance with their guidance. They will make your life easier and your practice more profitable."

+ Dr. Sheila Birth

Your Practice. Our Experts.

Financials Elevated.

Practices that use OrthoSynetics' financial analysis service experienced an increase in net income of 20%.

Financial Analysis

Get a real-time view of your practice’s financials and advice from experts that help you make informed financial decisions that ultimately result in higher profits. It’s the best way to know where your practice stands now, and how quickly it can get to where you want it to be.

  • Comprehensive financial view all in one dashboard
  • Financial statement compilation & review
  • Practice budget & forecast
  • Budget to actuals variance analysis
  • Monthly review of key performance indicators
  • Orthodontic revenue cycle management
Boost Your Bottom Line.

"The OrthoSynetics team has been great at keeping us on track and measuring key practice indicators. We had a 26% increase in revenue compared to the year before without OrthoSynetics."

+ Dr. Eric Wu

Your Practice. Our Experts.

Procurement Elevated.

OrthoSynetics clients save an average of 25% on brackets and appliances.


Our procurement team is skilled at helping practices like yours get the best deals on equipment, as well as low rates on office supplies, brackets, appliances, and more.

  • Access to our online ordering system 24/7
  • Order from multiple vendors at the same time with our one-stop ordering system
  • Get the best, discounted prices available without having to order in bulk
Save More.

"OrthoSynetics increases our practice performance by allowing us to be extremely efficient and proactive. With inventory metrics, we can track our expenses and make adjustments each month."

+ Dr. Dale Kates

Your Practice. Our Experts.

Collections Elevated.

OrthoSynetics has handled over $1.3B in practice collections, with an average collection rate of 98%.

Orthodontic Billing & Insurance Collections

Maximize your practice reimbursements with our unique and efficient patient insurance verification, receivables and collections process. Take advantage of a foolproof system designed to keep your cash flow consistent and get you the money you’ve earned fast.

  • Patient & insurance payment processing
  • Evaluate & collect existing AR
  • Inbound & outbound collection call center
  • Robust insurance benefits & eligibility verification process
  • Credentialing
  • Dedicated specialist
Make More.

"The OrthoSynetics team makes sure insurance payments are received in a timely manner. By being able to delegate business matters, my staff can focus on patient care and maximize the amount of patients we can treat."

+ Dr. Joshua Parker

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