At OrthoSynetics we have one mission:
to help practices elevate their business to a higher level of success.

  • “They make sure insurance payments are received in a timely manner. By being able to delegate business matters to OrthoSynetics, my staff can focus on patient care and maximize the amount of patients we can treat.”

    - Dr. Joshua Parker
  • “OrthoSynetics increases our practice performance by allowing us to be extremely efficient and proactive. With inventory metrics we can track our expenses and make adjustments each month.”

    - Dr. Dale Kates
  • “The OrthoSynetics team has been great at keeping us on track with key practice indicators. We had a 26% increase in revenue compared to the year before without OrthoSynetics.”

    - Dr. Eric Wu
  • “With Orthosynetics you can have the practice you have always dreamed of. I truly appreciate the consulting service as it’s extremely helpful to have an extra set of eyes to watch the practice. I’ve been able to improve my practice performance with their guidance. They will make your life easier and your practice more profitable.”

    - Dr. Sheila Birth
  • “The overall marketing campaign and consistent brand message that the OrthoSynetics team creates and executes across all platforms has increased new patient calls greatly and strengthened our brand in the community.”

    - Dr. Mike Thurman