5 PPC Mistakes That Can Derail Your Orthodontic Advertising Campaign

Posted on July 14, 2021

Investing in a well-managed PPC campaign can make all the difference in channeling quality leads to your website. Statistics show that 48% of all internet users did more than two weeks of research before scheduling an appointment. Placing your orthodontic advertising before the right eyes can help increase your leads, conversions, and revenue.

Errors Can Prove Costly In Orthodontic Advertising

While 80% of users click on organic results, 65% of those that click on paid ads are clients who intend to make a purchase or secure a service. Most orthodontists fall into costly pitfalls, mismanaging their campaigns and developing negative stereotypes against this orthodontic marketing hack. Here are five common PPC mistakes that orthodontic practices should avoid.

1. Investing In The Wrong Metrics

One of the most common complaints of marketing strategies for orthodontists is frustration over the unpredictability of the return on investment made. However, focusing on the wrong metrics can lead you to believe that your orthodontic advertising isn’t working. Obsession over the impression and click rates may provide a flawed view. If utilizing an orthodontic marketing company, let the marketers provide indicate the engagements and conversion analytics. Adding a conversion track code can help point out the performing keywords and ads.

2. Lacking A Well-Defined Orthodontic Advertising Strategy

Running a disorganized paid ad campaign can do more harm than good to your orthodontic practice. Failing to clarify the goals you wish to achieve can result in wrong targeting and wasting your resources. A well-crafted orthodontic advertising plan should have a structure that reflects the creative, targeting, and bidding aspects of your campaign.

3. Focusing On The Wrong Keywords

You may be stuck with a specific keyword in mind, only running ads with the few phrases that you wish to rank in. However, users are the primary drivers of the performance of the ads. Search engines and social media platforms continuously tweak their match types, which may have your ad targeting irrelevant keywords. Depending on the performance of an ad, you can utilize the “negative keyword category” to eliminate the need to trigger certain words.

4. Having A Low-Quality Landing Page

You may have a well-structured orthodontic advertising campaign with tightly themed ad groups and keywords. Yet, without an optimized landing page, all these marketing efforts may go to waste. Your users may have an idea of what to expect when they click on your ads. If the keywords on the landing page do not match your paid ads, you may experience a higher bounce rate. Orthodontic marketing companies can help you design an optimized website and landing page to lead your potential clients down the funnel.

5. Attempting To Do It Yourself

Attempting to conduct orthodontic advertising alone can be expensive. You can commit rookie technical errors that bleed money. Learning PPC management might be fun and costly in the process. Your best bet would be to hire a reputable orthodontic marketing company to plan and execute your ad campaigns.

Paid ads are a vital marketing strategy for orthodontists. You may have to avoid the five mistakes above to avoid losing money on your investment. For orthodontic advertising services and practice management consultations, reach out to OrthoSynetics.