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The Importance of Website Design for Your Business

Websites are a necessary part of any business. They are the online face of your company, and they need to be designed in a way that represents your brand and helps you achieve your business goals. The following are four reasons why website design is so important for your business. 1. It Creates First Impression … Continued

What Is Website Development?

According to Doctorlogic.com, as many as 80% of social media users reference social media to research doctors, hospitals, and medical news. In tandem with social media, your business should be prioritizing web development. Web development is the process of creating a website for the World Wide Web. It can be broken down into three parts: … Continued

How Your Orthodontic Marketing Strategy Can Benefit From SEO

About 76% of people surveyed report that they are going to check out a business or provider’s website before they make a buying decision. What does that mean for your orthodontic practice? It means that people need to be able to find you online. Website development, strong SEO, and an online presence are all critical … Continued

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3 Questions to Ask Your Orthodontic Marketing Consultant About Your Strategy for 2022

Half the battle of any successful business is attracting and keeping customers. The same rules apply to your orthodontic practice. These three questions to ask your orthodontic marketing consultant will help you get invaluable information. Questions to Ask My Orthodontic Marketing Consultant About My New Strategy The American Association of Orthodontics says there are about … Continued

Top Tips to Improve Conversions and Increase Appointments

Driving traffic to your website is great, converting those visitors to patients is even better. How do you get visitors to take the plunge and make appointments? The right orthodontic marketing company can help that happen. There are a few key things you should be doing to not only attract your target audience but to … Continued

5 PPC Mistakes That Can Derail Your Orthodontic Advertising Campaign

5 PPC Mistakes That Can Derail Your Orthodontic Advertising Campaign

Investing in a well-managed PPC campaign can make all the difference in channeling quality leads to your website. Statistics show that 48% of all internet users did more than two weeks of research before scheduling an appointment. Placing your orthodontic advertising before the right eyes can help increase your leads, conversions, and revenue. Errors Can … Continued

Orthodontic Practice Management Services and Professional Burn Out

Orthodontic Practice Management Services and Professional Burn Out

The right orthodontic practice management services can help you to grow your practice and more importantly provide top-notch care for your patients. Trying to juggle providing the best in care with orthodontic practice duties can leave you burned out. The right orthodontic practice management team can take the heat off and let you focus on … Continued

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Tips On How to Differentiate Your Orthodontic Practice

Having an orthodontics practice is much like having any other business, but a bit more personal. While other service providers are cutting lawns or providing wedding services, you are focused on helping people achieve their best smiles (aesthetics) or correcting overbites and malocclusion (health). You must literally know your customers inside and out to achieve … Continued

Redefining ROI

Redefining ROI. It’s a long game with big-time results.

If ROI was a game, it’d be chess. Why? Because chess involves strategy, planning, and most of all, patience. The formula for measuring ROI is simple: Divide your annual return by your original out-of-pocket expenses. There it is! With that one little calculation, you’ve got your ROI wrapped up in a beautiful percentage. So, why … Continued

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5 Ways Orthodontic Marketing Consultants Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

One in every four American adults is not proud of their smile. Now more than ever, people are willing to spend more to get that perfect smile, especially now that the holidays are coming up. When you’re trying to grow your business, orthodontic consultants can help drive more patients to your office and boost your … Continued

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