5 Ways Orthodontic Marketing Consultants Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

Posted on October 24, 2020

One in every four American adults is not proud of their smile. Now more than ever, people are willing to spend more to get that perfect smile, especially now that the holidays are coming up. When you’re trying to grow your business, orthodontic consultants can help drive more patients to your office and boost your revenue.


In fact, as many as 77% of prospective patients do their research online through search engines. Can potential clients find your orthodontic practice when they search using specific keywords? If they can’t, you may be losing money and clients to your rivals. Orthodontic consultants can help optimize your website, boosting your SEO efforts. Here are five ways orthodontic marketing consultants can transform your business.


1. Refine Your Keyword Research


Keyword research is the backbone of any SEO strategy. This research will help you identify a list of target keywords to incorporate in your webpages. You also need to understand the user intent of the said keywords. Do you wish to focus more on informational keywords or transactional keywords? Orthodontic marketing companies regularly test out various keywords using premium tools, which may help you rank higher for specific keyword phrases.


2. Design an Optimized Website


Search engines, such as Google, love to direct traffic to websites that provide a fantastic user experience. Poorly designed websites get a higher bounce rate even before visitors look at the content. This could be because pages aren’t loading properly or they’re taking too slow to render.


You may also need to improve your site speeds. Studies show that you can lose up to 32% of visitors if your site takes more than three seconds to load. Since 60% of total searches are done on mobile devices, and it is, therefore, important to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. An ortho consulting group can create a site map for your webpages, making it easier for crawlers to find and index your pages.


3. Create Valuable Content


Orthodontic marketing companies can craft informative content for your site that helps boost user engagement. It’s estimated that 94% of users begin their online engagements with a search. Providing consistent, engaging, and informative content can set you apart, establishing you as an authority in the industry. Patients are more likely to visit your clinic if they found answers to an orthodontic issue they had in your posts.


4. Build Trusted and Quality Inbound Links


One of the best marketing strategies for orthodontists is backlinking. Inbound links from authoritative sites that link back to your site look good. It can also help in bringing referral traffic to your site. Guest blogging about brace treatments is an excellent way to drive more visitors to your webpages, who you can then channel through your sales funnel. Orthodontic consulting agencies can help refine your link building strategies, resulting in more conversions.


5. Analyze the Impact of Your SEO Strategies


Most orthodontists face the challenge of effectively evaluating their SEO efforts for their websites. Orthodontic practice consultants can track important metrics for you, assisting you in assessing your intended results. Understanding consumer trends and behavior may help you make informed decisions for your orthodontic office.


Refining and retooling your SEO strategies can help you gain more leads, conversions, and revenues. Orthodontic consultants can guide you through achieving your marketing goals. Contact our experts at OrthoSynetics and elevate your orthodontic practice.