How to Choose the Right Orthodontic Practice Consultant

Posted on September 17, 2021

Orthodontic practice management is important for the smooth running of your practice. If you get the right orthodontic practice consultant, they will ensure that your business stays on track and that you provide the best services consistently. Here is how you can choose the best orthodontic practice consultant.

Understand What Their Job Will Be

For you to hire the right orthodontic practice consultant, you need to understand exactly what they need to do. An orthodontic practice consultant will be able to assist you so you can greatly improve the efficiency of your daily operations. They should be able to come up with systems that enable you to boost efficiency and profitability.

Once you hire them, the practice consultant will take a look at your daily operations, and they will spot areas that need improvement. For instance, they might notice that your overhead will be too high or that your payroll is inefficient. However, things should not end with them just identifying errors. They must also be able to find ways to fix those errors and make your practice run smoothly and more profitably.

The Interview Process

Like with any other job, you will first need to conduct an interview before hiring a candidate. This means you must have a set of questions that you can ask:

  • How are you going to incorporate our core values, mission, and vision into your management? What is the purpose of your role?
  • What do you understand about profitability?
  • What do you think about our office culture? Do you think there are things you might do to improve it?
  • How can you promote accountability?
  • How can you improve the way we communicate?
  • Are you going to improve our dental hygiene area?

The average practice loses between 10%-30% of its patients each year, according to These losses can be due to switching providers, getting new insurance, or passing away. The orthodontic practice consultant must find ways to minimize these losses and grow your patient list.

An orthodontic practice consultant can be quite valuable if they know how to do their job. Your job is to ensure that you find the right candidate. If you get the right one, they will find ways to streamline your practice to improve efficiency and profitability. If you want to take your orthodontist office to the next level, look for a qualified and proper orthodontic practice consultant to help you.