Supplies. Solved.

Posted on August 23, 2018

We ensure you have the supplies you need when you need them.

Time and time again, we hear from doctors that they aren’t sure how inventory is tracked, or if they even have an ordering system in place. In many practices, only one person handles the ordering, and there’s no transparency in their system. If and when that one employee leaves, the doctor suddenly finds themselves in a pickle, losing sleep over a question as simple as, “Do we have enough wires to get us through the week?”

Dr. Dale Kates’ days of losing sleep are long over. He understands the importance of a well-oiled operational team, as well as having a team of experts behind the scenes to support his goals. To get there, he chose OrthoSynetics to help his practice thrive. OrthoSynetics optimized Dr. Kates’ ordering process, added employee controls, and incorporated supply formularies for each location. These measures resulted in clinical consistency, transparency, reduced waste, and tremendous cost savings for Dr. Kates.

“The OrthoSynetics procurement team provides the tools, service, and expertise to minimize the time my staff spends shopping for supplies and ordering them. Not only that, their negotiated pricing ensures my supply spending is minimized, as well. When I expanded with a new location and service offering, OrthoSynetics’ procurement team was instrumental in assisting with equipment and supply decisions and logistics.” – Dr. Dale Kates

If you ask Dr. Kates, OrthoSynetics’ purchasing service is a doctor’s best friend. The Amazon-like online procurement system and experienced purchasing analysts deliver a solution unlike anything else available to orthodontists. This powerful combination ensures doctors are getting great pricing and are accurately tracking expenses. Not only that, it’s easy to use and offers controls to protect an orthodontist’s bottom line.


Try to consolidate purchases as much as possible. Saving on shipping costs is just part of the reason, but it also helps with managing inventory. When boxes are arriving every day, constantly unpacking them can get cumbersome. Instead, order supplies once or twice a month so they can be unpacked and sorted once rather than over and over.

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