Why Do You Need an Orthodontic Marketing Company?

Posted on November 13, 2020

Marketing strategies for orthodontics have to be highly focused to reach a very specific audience. An orthodontic marketing company is the firm that has the skill set to create a meaningful strategy that gets results.

Online marketing for orthodontist practices is a must in today’s market place. More potential patients than ever are using the internet to find their next provider.

The Right Orthodontic Marketing Company Gets Results

The average orthodontic practice needs to recruit between 20 and 50 new patients each month to make up for attrition. The attrition rate is typically 15% for an orthodontic practice. Keeping a steady flow of new patients is imperative to the success of your practice.

Unlike other dental practices that provide general care, there is a clear end date to when you will lose your patient. Marketing strategies for orthodontists that are based on proven methods ensure that you have a steady flow of new patients to replace the patients that you lose.

An orthodontic marketing company that has a thorough understanding of the market will develop a strategy to attract new patients to your practice using a creative approach. About 80% of orthodontists are reporting an increase in the number of adult patients that they see. Does your marketing plan include reaching adults that are unhappy with their smile? Reports indicate that about 71% of adults are not happy with their smile. The right orthodontic marketing company fully understands the trends and how to reach specific audience members.

Your Next Patient Is Looking for You Online

According to recent marketing reports, a whopping 79% of new patients reported that they found their orthodontist online. Searches for dental services, including orthodontic services, are conducted every three minutes online according to Google.

About 48% of new patients report that they decided on their orthodontist after reading online reviews. Another 62% of patients report that connecting with the orthodontist via social media is what sold them on making the decision.

Marketing your orthodontic practice online is a must because it is exactly where your new patients are looking for you. By outsourcing your marketing needs, you can focus on providing the best care possible and leave the marketing up to the experts. The right orthodontic marketing company can deliver the results that you need to make your practice a success. Partner with a winning team and call OrthoSynetics today.