3 Myths About Online Marketing Debunked

Posted on May 24, 2022

For many orthodontist offices, marketing online has become necessary to grow their business. According to PBHS, 76% of potential clients do their research on a company’s website. Like every other field, a few myths about marketing can hinder any attempt to succeed in this realm. The following are three myths about online marketing for orthodontist practices.


Too Expensive


One common myth is that online marketing for orthodontist practices is too expensive. This is not true as you can get started with a low budget and incrementally increase your spending as you see success. The true assertion here is that this is one area where the money will go far compared to other things you might invest in your practice. As long as you have an invested interest in growing your business, the best thing you can do is invest in advertising on effective platforms. Nowadays, almost every company uses a web page, email marketing, and social media.


The Competition Is Too High


Some people suggest that it is impossible to compete with the experts in online marketing for orthodontist practices. However, nothing is impossible. In addition, competition can be overcome in online marketing in today’s social media and internet age. It does not matter if your competitor has one thousand or a million followers on social media. You can create a page with quality content that will attract followers regardless of the size of the competition. You need to create content that is unique and engaging. In addition, you should understand that the competition has a significant advantage over you in terms of already having a following. It is your task to build up your own.


Too Difficult to Manage


It is a myth to suggest that you need a degree in computer science, an army of programmers, and a marketing degree when embarking on internet marketing. It is also inaccurate to imply that you need to know HTML and CSS to get started. You do not need any of that, but it wouldn’t hurt. Just search the web for free plugins and programs that will do all the work for you. When people say managing social media and internet marketing is complex, they refer to it taking time and dedication. However, you can benefit from using tools designed for such things. This can save you time and, more importantly, money for hiring someone to handle all the work for you.


Orthodontists may have a difficult time when it comes to marketing their practices. When marketing your practice on the internet, you need to address the myths listed above. In doing so, you will create a successful internet marketing strategy. For more details on online marketing for orthodontist practices, contact us!