3 Questions to Ask Your Orthodontic Marketing Consultant About Your Strategy for 2022

Posted on January 20, 2022

Half the battle of any successful business is attracting and keeping customers. The same rules apply to your orthodontic practice. These three questions to ask your orthodontic marketing consultant will help you get invaluable information.

The American Association of Orthodontics says there are about 3 million Google searches for orthodontic services every year in the US. This information shows that there are people looking for your services. You have insight into the market that can help your business expand its reach.

How do I make it easier for my clients to find me?

The majority of people use the internet to research a business before they step foot on its doorstep. You want to make sure your practice is easy to find. Online marketing for orthodontist practices, like informative blog pieces, will help. They’ll tell your potential patients about the services you offer and answer their pressing questions. This helps foster a sense of familiarity with your practice that’ll translate into capital gains.

How do I attract new patients?

Discounts and other deals attract new patients while adding a sense of urgency. When you use online marketing for orthodontist practices, it’s easier to reach new patients. Use this opportunity to tell them about the benefits of visiting your practice. For instance, you can run specials for new patients or certain services.

How do I keep the patients I already have?

Loyal patients are an invaluable resource. Keep them that way by rewarding them with referral bonuses and other deals. You can also give them a little gift or a discount for leaving an honest review of their experience in your office. These tips will help keep your existing patients happy while helping attract new ones.

Online marketing for orthodontist practices helps you attract new patients and keep the old ones. A professional orthodontist marketer will answer your questions. This consultant will also provide insight into what your business needs to grow.

Have more questions for your orthodontic marketing specialist for 2022? Get in touch with us today.