3 Signs Your Orthodontic Website Needs a Refresh

Posted on September 28, 2022

As an orthodontist, one of your most powerful tools is your website. Did you know that according to Data Reportal, about 48% of internet users research for about two weeks before scheduling an appointment? Having a professionally developed, SEO-optimized website can place your practice in front of potential patients and convince them to come to your practice. However, for the best results, you need to ensure that your website stays refreshed and up to date. You can easily do this by working with an orthodontic marketing team. Here are some signs that your orthodontist website needs a refresh.

The Website Doesn’t Display Well on Mobile Devices

Your orthodontist website should be responsive. This means it should display well on every device that’s used to open it. Nowadays, the entire world has gone mobile. Unlike in the past, when people used to mainly use computers to access websites, the majority now use phones. In order to remain competitive, your website needs to adjust to suit every screen size. If things are not properly arranged on mobile screens, you should consider a refresh.

The Content is Outdated

When was the last time you posted a new blog on your website? If you can’t remember, then you need to rethink how you use your website and what benefits you are expecting from it. Are there products on your orthodontist website that you no longer have? Or maybe there is outdated messaging on some of the pages? If this is the case, then it’s definitely time for an update. Content is an important part of getting customers to perform your desired actions. Therefore, it needs to be fresh and up to date with your products and offerings.

Customers Are Failing to Find Your Website

This is a frightening case. Imagine a customer types your practice’s name into Google, and your business website doesn’t show up. Or maybe it does, but it’s ranked on the third page. If this is the case, then it’s time for a major upgrade. This is a sign that your website’s SEO is weak. Fortunately, there are things you can do to correct this situation. You can look into things like keyword targeting and on-page optimization. An orthodontic marketing business can help you out with your SEO needs.

These are some signs that your orthodontist website needs a refresh. It’s best to ensure that all your website work is handled by professionals. Get in touch with our orthodontic marketing team today for the best website design services.