3 Ways Orthodontic Consultants Can Help You Grow Your Practice

Posted on October 27, 2022

The vast majority of people consult the Internet when they have a medical question. Pew Research conducted a study and determined that 80% of people admit that they first go to the Internet when they have a medical question that they aren’t certain about. That is a large pool of people searching the Internet looking for answers to their pressing medical questions. They trust the Internet to help them find the answers that they need. Thus, it makes sense to look to orthodontic practice consultants to help determine how to provide them with those answers.

1. Stop Patient Loss

The typical orthodontic practice may expect to lose patients in a given year. People move away, they lose their insurance, and a host of other factors come into play that causes patients to decide to look elsewhere for their orthodontic needs. Sadly, this leaves many practices without the steady stream of patients that they require to maintain a healthy business.

Orthodontic practice consultants can step into that situation and guide their clients toward better patient retention processes. It might help them stem the tide of people leaving and make for a friendly and more patient-focused environment overall.

2. Grow the Practice

The other side of the coin is that orthodontic practices can also benefit from consultants who help them grow the practice organically. This is to say that they can work together to make sure they are making some real steps towards progress on attracting new patients and explaining the benefits of working with this specific practice. It is fair to say that this may take some convincing at first, but patients are often receptive to the idea of working with a company that seems to truly want their business.

3. Use Social Media More Effectively

One of the biggest benefits that orthodontic practice consultants provide to their clients is the ability to better leverage social media. Most practices realize that they need to use social media, but they often aren’t sure how they are supposed to do that in an effective way. Consultants are more than happy to step in and step up to show their clients how to make the most of every social media post that they create. Over time, it becomes easier and easier to help clients receive the effective social media platform that they need to attract more clients. Give us a call today for more information on orthodontic practice consultants.