3 Ways to Help You Get More New Patients In the Door

Posted on December 30, 2021

With any business, half the battle is getting customers and keeping them. Making sure that you offer the services they need is crucial, but you also need to know what they’re looking for. Once you know that, you’ll be in a better position to market yourself accordingly.

If you run an orthodontic practice, the same rules apply. Here are just three considerations to keep in mind when engaging in online marketing for orthodontists that will entice new patients.

1. Provide Ample Information

We’ve all done research on a place we’re going to visit before we ever contact them. This is the case for about 77% of people, as most patients use a search engine to find a new orthodontist online.

With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure your practice is easy to find on the web. Online marketing for orthodontists can help. The right marketing can help you tell your potential patients about what services you offer, provide information about your staff, and answer common questions they may have.

Online marketing for orthodontists isn’t just about promoting your business. It’s also about providing peace of mind for potential patients – often in the form of valuable information. Remember this as you develop your marketing strategy in order to build trust.

2. Offer Deals

Offering deals can help attract new patients and provide a sense of urgency. Using online marketing for orthodontists, you can let new patients know about potential savings, coupons, and other incentives to visit your office.

You can run specials for new patients or provide discounts for certain services, for example. Online marketing for orthodontists can help you incentivize office visits and convince patients to take care of dental issues sooner rather than later.

3. Reward Existing Patients

Another way to attract new patients is to connect with and reward patients you already have. For instance, you might offer a referral bonus, which can reward existing patients for recommending your practice to a friend or family member. Online reviews are also a major part of online marketing for orthodontists.

Connect with existing patients and consider giving them a small freebie in exchange for leaving an honest review of their experience. This can ensure your current patients are happy while helping you attract new patients who find you online.

When it comes time to market your practice, you’ll want to keep these factors in mind. Taking the time to create a great marketing campaign, work on your online presence, and offer plenty of incentives will help you acquire new patients quickly and easily. For more information, contact us today.