5 Tips To Get More Love From Instagram

Posted on February 16, 2020

Like Facebook and Google, Instagram is constantly evolving, so your content needs to evolve as well. Each of these platforms has one purpose—to drive more business for itself.

Getting your posts seen by more of your followers has a lot to do with how the Instagram algorithm functions. Algorithms can appear to be a great mystery or something that was created to make our lives more complicated. However, the truth of the matter is that algorithm changes are very logical; they are designed to give users the best possible experience by prioritizing content that receives the most engagement. Comments, likes, reshares, and video views are all measured engagements that dictate feed rankings. If you keep this concept at the center of your content strategy, then you will start to feel the Insta Love.

Here are few tips:

Tip #1: More is More
Consistent Instagram activity keeps you top of mind with your followers and works Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage.
Instagram Stories is the perfect feature to engage routinely with your followers. By posting daily to Stories, you are signaling to Instagram that you are a content creator, a title that will get you to the top of your followers’ news feeds. Think of your Instagram Stories as an inside look at the day-to-day of practice happenings. Engagement is also a critical part of a successful Stories strategy, so use your posts to start up a conversation with questions and/or polls to encourage comments.
On the other hand, your Instagram feed is where carefully crafted content should live. Post to your Instagram feed 2-3x per week with patterned content for the best visual representation. For example, make every 3rd post a patient results photo. The general aesthetic should be more on brand. In other words, don’t junk it up. Apps like Planoly help you to visually plan out your posts and see how it will display in the Instagram grid.

Tip # 2 Gram-Worthy Imagery
As mentioned above, the algorithm will show more love to posts that receive the most engagement. Engaging content starts with the right imagery. Do you have a gram-worthy area of the practice? A cool background with great lighting will improve the quality of your images and get patients saying “take my picture.”

Tip #3 Hash Out Your Hashtags
Hashtags aren’t just cute little sayings – they serve an important function. Hashtags help users find you on the Explore page where Instagram connects users with content they might be interested in. By using the right hashtags, your content could be shown to other users engaging and using the same hashtags. This means your brand will be exposed to whole new audience.

Tip #4 Talk Back
When someone takes the time to comment on your posts, reciprocate the effort by taking the time to comment back. Strike up a conversation in at least 4 words (not counting emojis). Comments with at least four words have a better shot of getting picked up by the Instagram algorithm. To make sure you are tracking all comments, go to notifications and make sure your comment notification is set to ON for From Everyone.

Tip #5 Drive DMs
Another key indicator that you are successful is the number of DMs you receive. Invite your audience to DM you with questions or feedback. Corresponding with your audience on the Instagram platform is not only convenient for the user, but it’s sure to give you a boost on the platform.

Once you’ve implemented these five tips, be sure to check up on your Instagram Analytics to gain perspective on what’s working. Do more of what is and less of what isn’t.

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