7 Effective Marketing Ideas for Orthodontists In 2020

Posted on September 4, 2020

Growing your orthodontic practice is not easy, especially when you have limited time to market yourself. However, the highly competitive orthodontics market demands a robust online presence to ensure business success. An orthodontic marketing company can help you build your brand and online reputation. With the right mix of marketing strategies for orthodontics, you may not have to slash your fees to rope in new patients. Here are seven tips for effective orthodontic advertising to generate more patient conversions.

1. Create a Well-Designed Website

The first interaction with 70% of your new patients will occur on your website. Optimizing your website through improved user experience and faster load times may help generate a good first impression. With US smartphone penetration standing at 86%, it is essential to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly to support local searches.

2. Content Marketing Is Key

Offer value to your potential and existing patients through interactive and engaging original content. Regular updates to your blog is one of the most effective marketing strategies for orthodontics. The blog posts and FAQs on your website will set you apart as an authority within the industry. It helps build trust with your patients on orthodontic matters.

3. Build an Online Community Through Social Media

Orthodontic consultants can help you establish social media pages for your practice. Social media marketing is an excellent way of strengthening your relationships with your potential and existing patients. Contributing and responding to fun-filled posts will generate vital impressions, improved social media presence
and leads that increase your conversion rates which can lead to more patients visiting you in the future.

4. Email Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists

Email marketing has been around for decades and remains relevant in 2020. Orthodontic marketing services can help you streamline your sales funnel by using creative ways to build your email list. You can then use an automated platform to send out reminders and useful information through the mail.

5. Boost Your Efforts with PPC Marketing

Every orthodontic practice consultant can tell you that building on SEO requires a lot of patience and time. What if there were a faster and more direct way to earn the leads and impressions? Launching a well-orchestrated ad campaign can help boost traffic to your site within minutes. Proper keyword research and ad placement are essential in the success of your paid advertising.

6. Build on Local SEO

For many orthodontic marketing companies, search engine optimization is the Holy Grail in digital marketing. 67% of potential new patients never move the first page in their organic search. Ranking higher for specific orthodontic keywords may give you an edge over your competitors. Orthodontic consultants will help you conduct effective keyword research for your SEO.

7. Your Online Reputation Matters

77% of patients check for online reviews before they choose a new healthcare provider. It is vital to collect reviews from existing patients and use them to market to new and potential patients. Let your patients speak for you by sending out an email with a review link or make it part of your checkout process. Your reputation may help build trust among the local community.

marketing strategies for orthodontics are essential in the success of the practice. A multi-channel approach to orthodontic marketing may help boost your patient conversion rates. Do you wish to learn more about online marketing for orthodontists? Get a free marketing analysis by contacting OrthoSynetics today.