Are Your Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists Working?

Are you doing all that you can when it comes to marketing your orthodontist practice? Unfortunately, most orthodontists fall short when it comes to winning marketing strategies for orthodontists. In some cases, the orthodontist leaves marketing up to marketing companies that do not necessarily specialize in marketing strategies for orthodontics.

In other cases, the orthodontist relies solely on referrals from general dentists. In both cases, the practice is missing out on a great deal of new patient activity. Winning marketing strategies for orthodontics bring in the new patients that you need to keep your practice thriving.

The Attrition Rate

Being good at what you do as an orthodontist is a dual-edged sword. The better you are the more success your patients realize, the sooner they leave your care. There is a tremendous attrition rate of patients in any orthodontic practice.

According to recent research, you need to replenish your patients by about 10-25 every month to keep your practice moving along. How will you maintain that volume of patients? Marketing your orthodontic practice online with the right marketing firm that specializes in orthodontics can help you get those patients through your door.

Online marketing for orthodontists is a must in today’s competitive market. The right team can design a strategy that will help you fight against the attrition rate and bring those new patients to your door. About 77% of new patients do their research online when they are considering a new provider. If your practice cannot be found online, then 77% of patients cannot find you.

Marketing Strategies for Orthodontics That Work

Not every marketing company can design the right strategy for your practice. You want to choose a marketing company that specializes in orthodontics because they have a unique understanding of how to reach your target audience.

An ortho consulting group can evaluate the needs of your orthodontic marketing, your goals, and come up with a road map to get you there. If your practice is struggling against the attrition rate and you are ready to grow your practice into the practice that you dreamed it would be it is time to get some professional help on board. The right marketing strategies for orthodontists can help. Call today.

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