Don’t Rely on Old Strategies for Orthodontics Office Marketing

Posted on August 26, 2022

As an orthodontist, you’re probably aware of the importance of marketing strategies for growing your practice. This can be a difficult endeavor for many orthodontists who don’t consider themselves particularly savvy in the marketing realm. Here are some orthodontic office marketing strategies that, if implemented properly, can help transform your practice and draw in more patients.


Target Customer Pain Points

The first step is determining your target market and audience based on their specific issues. The term “pain point” refers to any issue commonly experienced by prospective customers of your business.

Discover what irritates your demographic the most when obtaining orthodontic care. Some pain points may include apprehension about visiting an orthodontist or financial worries about affording care. Asking your consumers what they think is the simplest way to find out what needs addressing. Speak with your current patients and solicit their candid opinions. The cornerstone for your whole marketing approach should be these pain points.


Create a Well-Designed Website

Most new patients will likely interact with you for the first time via your website. Improving your website’s user experience and load speeds can help you make a positive first impression. With smartphone adoption in the United States at an all-time high, it is critical to ensure that the website for your orthodontic practice is mobile-friendly.


Create Valuable Content

Provide value to your current and prospective patients by creating interactive and engaging material for your website. Regular blog updates are one of the most successful orthodontic marketing methods. Your website’s blog pieces and FAQs help establish you as an industry authority. It contributes to your patients’ trust in orthodontic treatment.


Optimize Your Website for SEO

In your orthodontics office marketing strategy, your website should be your primary source of new patients. SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for this to happen. Optimizing your website for SEO can help bring your website to the front page of search results. The better your rankings, the more visits to your site you will get. In turn, this provides you with more chances to can convert visitors to new patients.


Create Social Media Pages

Experts in orthodontics office marketing can help you set up social media accounts for your clinic. Social media marketing is a great strategy to enhance your interactions with existing and prospective patients. Contributing to entertaining accounts can create valuable impressions and leads which can increase your conversion rates.


Remember That Your Online Reputation Matters

77% of people look for internet reviews before choosing a new healthcare provider, according to the 2022 Healthcare Trends Report. Collecting feedback from current patients and using it to sell to new and potential patients is critical. Allow your customers to speak for you by urging them to contribute to reviews online. Positive online reviews can help you build a trustworthy reputation in your community.

The orthodontic world has become fiercely competitive since it is packed with many practitioners. Leveraging effective orthodontic office marketing is important to surviving and attracting new patients. Do you need assistance in setting up orthodontics office marketing strategies? Contact Orthosynetics today to get marketing input from an expert!