Ensure Smooth Cash Flow by Outsourcing Orthodontic Billing

Posted on July 6, 2021

Up to 60% of marketers believe that SEO and blog content represents their best source of leads. While marketing can help increase your cash flow, there are other services such as orthodontic billing that can also increase the flow. Orthodontist practices like yours constantly deal with changing rules, regulations, and dental reimbursement rates for insurance. It all makes billing complex.

You need support when it comes to orthodontic billing and insurance collections. It takes investing in orthodontic practice consultants that can manage the aspects of billing that require attention. Their support is also imperative for reimbursements that follow special guidelines for orthodontic treatments spanning over many years.

Your Practice Needs a Robust Billing Mechanism

Nothing has a more positive impact on an orthodontic practice than a smooth cash flow. It improves performance as well as patient satisfaction. You want to retain high standards for patient care. The problem is that caring for patients does not leave you much time to address issues that are related to revenue.

Orthodontic practice consultants can ensure that you do not experience a disrupted cash flow or rejected claims. They can streamline your orthodontic billing processes so you can focus on what makes your practice thrive: your patients. You can rely on orthodontic consultants to effectively elevate the operations of your practice.

A Foolproof System for Orthodontic Billing Includes the Following:

  • Patient Payment Processing
  • Insurance Payment Processing
  • Evaluate AR
  • Collect Existing AR
  • Call Center for Inbound and Outbound Orthodontic Collections
  • Robust Insurance Benefits
  • Eligibility Verification Process
  • Dedicated Specialists
  • Credentialing

Efficient and unique orthodontic billing services will maximize a practice. Orthodontic consulting solutions put in place by specialists give you the opportunity to take advantage of a system that’s foolproof. Essentially, the professionals can assist you in keeping your cash flow steady so you can get the money you have earned, fast.

Orthodontic billing specialists have one goal in mind, to elevate your practice to higher levels of success. They will create a personalized service package for orthodontic billing specifically built to suit your practice based on your wants and needs. Watch your bottom-line increase while the growth of your practice continues to blossom.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Billing Are Incredible

Sometimes taking care of your business means it is better to outsource for services such as billing. Billing is one of the most important aspects of your practice that needs proper time and attention. In fact, outsourcing for billing has the ability to save 30% to 40% in operational costs.

Your office efficiency will also improve. Nothing beats being able to maximize your profits by streamlining the billing process. A skilled team of billers will use the latest technology to handle your entire billing process.

Contact an Expert to Get Started

Outsource your billing requirements and find much-needed relief from training and hiring new staff to help. Contact the experts today to get started. They will provide you with the assistance you require to optimize your current billing process and ensure efficiency.