How Can I Market During a Crisis?

Posted on October 22, 2020

When we clinked champagne glasses at midnight on December 31st, 2019, we had no idea what kind of year we would be getting into. Today, after a million questions about health and sanitation as a whole, so many businesses have suffered as the answers have been slow going. But now that the world is opening again, businesses can start making money once more — including orthodontic advertising services. For some great tips on how to market your orthodontic practice, read on.

First Online Impressions

For better or worse, your website is going to be the most important place for your clients, especially if they are trying to find information while social distancing. 77% of prospective patients are already researching you online, so give them something worth seeing.

A clean, updated, well-designed website can go a long way. It doesn’t need to be expensive or flashy; marketing your orthodontic practice can be as simple as having a steady stream of informative blog posts and infographics. It might also be a fun way to show online what kinds of ortho supplies you use every day.

Remember also that updated contact information is vital to orthodontic advertising. If clients can’t reach you, how will you drum up new business? Ensure that all of your info is listed correctly on your website, including:

  • Email addresses and social media tags
  • Business hours and address (bonus points if you add a Google Maps link)
  • A telephone number

Old-Fashioned Marketing

Online marketing for orthodontist practices is the obvious choice these days, but don’t discount good old-fashioned guerilla marketing. If you want people to have something physical that they can have as a reminder of your practice, ortho supplies, and other services, try the following:

  • Business cards. Yes, despite what you might think, these still have a place in orthodontic marketing services! Hand them out locally, focusing on community-driven places such as schools, churches, restaurants, and bars.
  • Flyers. The same places that you would give out business cards ring true with flyers. Don’t forget to ask the owners’ permission before pasting your ortho supplies all over the windows.
  • Ad space. Facebook, Google, and even your local community website all have something in common: They allow you to purchase ad space at a very reasonable price. It is neither hard nor scary, and it really does make a difference in how much digital traffic your website gets.

An Alternative If You Don’t Have the Time

If you are a business-minded individual and don’t have the brain space for creativity, that’s perfectly okay! Orthodontic consultants are standing by to help you boost your marketing campaign. Let your talent for orthodontics and ortho supplies guide you, but save yourself the additional worry by handing over the creative reins to a professional.

Even though it’s a niche field, marketing strategies for orthodontists are very much the same as any other small business. A little bit of creativity and a slice of ingenuity can help your business boom, even during These Uncertain Times.