How Graphic Design Influences Your Brand

Posted on February 27, 2024

Attention-grabbing visuals are important for marketing any business today. When it comes to an orthodontic practice, graphic design goes deeper, influencing perceptions and guiding patients on their journey in ways that directly impact an orthodontist’s marketing strategies and success.

The Power of Images

When you leverage the principles of graphic design in your marketing materials, you create aesthetically pleasing assets that draw people in and make your orthodontic practice appear more credible and valuable. According to Jenn Pereira, if a website has poor graphic design, 94% of customers said they wouldn’t use it. Research indicates prospects view businesses with polished branding and marketing collateral as more trustworthy. By applying strong graphic design in areas like your logo, website, brochures, ads, and more, as part of your orthodontic marketing strategies, you can attract more patients.

Making a Strong First Impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why thoughtful graphic design allows you to put your best foot forward from the very initial touchpoints. From your logo colors to the style and messaging on your postcards and swag, a cohesive and professional look communicates that you are an orthodontist who patients can rely on. It makes prospects more open to your offers and content, establishing confidence in your services. Use graphic design intentionally on all assets to influence first impressions and support your overall orthodontic marketing strategies.

Guiding the Patient Journey

Graphic design doesn’t just make an initial impact. Thoughtful design choices also allow you to guide prospects down the conversion funnel through clear calls to action across your assets. Well-designed infographics, brochures, emails, ads, and other materials can educate and address concerns to prompt visitors to progress toward becoming patients. Strategic graphic design makes the path clear at each stage of the patient journey.

Reinforcing Your Positioning

Consistent branding and messaging upheld by modern graphic design help cement your practice as the leading provider over competitors. The more exposure patients have to your polished visual assets that align with your core values and services, the more credibility you gain. Graphic design gives you the power to reinforce your unique value proposition and firmly establish your orthodontic practice as the provider of choice.

With the ability to make one of the most critical first impressions, guide patients on their journey, and boost the credibility of your practice, graphic design holds invaluable influence over your orthodontic marketing strategies and success. If you’re looking to hire a professional for orthodontic marketing strategies, please reach out to OrthoSynetics today to start growing your business.