How to Choose an Orthodontic Collections Company

Posted on November 18, 2021

Choosing an orthodontic collections agency is no easy feat. Generally, the decision comes down to what options are most important to the customer. Cost, patient relations, and maintaining the image of your brand are all things to consider when selecting an orthodontic collections agency. It’s also important to know that a collections agency is usually just treating the symptoms of a system of dental billing that isn’t working efficiently.

Internet Research

According to, 48% of internet users did more than two weeks of online research before scheduling an appointment at a new location. You can put this same statistic into practice and find out a lot about your potential options before reaching out to them to confirm details or for more direct and personalized information.

Know Which States They Cover

Knowing which states your chosen company is licensed and bonded in will help you determine if their coverage is sufficient. Companies that are not licensed in neighboring states can fall short where needed. Choosing a larger, nationwide company removes this obstacle and allows you to enforce payment wherever you need to.

Know What Technology They Use

Does your chosen company’s technology integrate well with your current system? Are they HIPAA-compliant? How do you provide them with data? If the answer is laborious data entry, not only will your staff come to resent you, the reality is that it may never get done in the first place.

What’s Their Process Like?

If a company’s process seems vague, it’s possible they’re simply ‘winging it,’ which can (and often does) reflect poorly on your business. How a company communicates with a patient says a lot about a business’ ethics and values. Make sure the collections agency you choose communicates in a way you approve of.

Choosing an orthodontic collections agency can be difficult, but by setting aside proper time and resources to investigate all your options, you eliminate a lot of future headaches and stresses. The most important thing to remember is that your choice of collections agency is very likely to impact your client relationships, so make your choice carefully. If you investigate all your options to the best of your ability and choose one that suits your business’ needs the best, you place yourself in a great position to collect payment without sacrificing client relationships.