How to Make Your Orthodontic Clinic Stand Out Online

Posted on November 12, 2020

Did you know that there are more than 3 billion Google searches done in a single day? This can make it harder for you to make your orthodontic practice stand out, unless you can use these numbers to your advantage. If you want to get more out of your practice, use this guide to assist you.

Here are ways you can do online marketing for orthodontists so you make the best of your practice and create awareness about your business. With so many orthodontists trying to make a living in your area, it’s worth it to invest in the orthodontist practice management tools required to make your company a success.

Have an Engaging, Updated Website

You may have a website like most other orthodontists do, but it could probably use some upgrading so it’s engaging and easier for people to navigate. Perhaps the best tips when thinking about online marketing for orthodontists are just updating your website regularly, having the site be modern and informative, and reducing the bulk and clutter of the website so clients can see how professional you are upfront.

Have a Newsletter

A newsletter is a type of informative literature that is sent to customers and other interested parties via email or other sources and can be a great way to make your orthodontist clinic stand out. You can use this type of orthodontic marketing to promote your services, remind clients why dental care is important, showcase sales and new products, and grab the attention of would-be clients if they don’t use your services yet.

As a part of your regimen for online marketing for orthodontists using a newsletter, make sure to include your website, company address and hours of operation, as well as other ways to contact and connect with your company. This way, you can print your newsletter or customers can forward the newsletter to interested family and friends while still being able to easily connect with you.

Have a Social Media Presence

Many people use social media on the regular and your orthodontics office marketing strategy can also involve using social media. Whether you use common social media outlets or just involve yourself on an online forum, connecting with your more modern audience can help your orthodontic practice stand out in a positive way.

Make sure to post regularly if you plan on doing a social media tactic to get your company to stand out. If you let your social media presence go stagnant, you can lose the interest of your newfound followers and the platform’s algorithm won’t put your new posts at the top of your followers’ feeds.

Your orthodontic marketing efforts can be rewarded by having more customers than ever, greater customer retention, and happier clients. Marketing strategies for orthodontics work so long as you use them consistently and correctly. Call OrthoSynetics today to speak with an orthodontic practice consultant who can tell you more about what you can do.