Tips on How to Manage Your Orthodontics Practice Efficiently

Posted on February 17, 2021

Running an orthodontics practice isn’t always the easiest. There are a number of moving parts that make relying on third-party businesses a vital piece of the puzzle. After all, you deserve to do what you do best; namely, taking care of your patients. But how can you invest in orthodontic practice management?

What Is Orthodontic Practice Management?

The term may sound fancy, but orthodontic practice management boils down to how you run your office. From how you accept new patients to how you deal with insurance or billing, all of this is earmarked under “orthodontic practice management.” There are different management styles on how to run an orthodontics office. but it is an individualized process that you need to make work for you. That being said, there are some general principles that seem to work out for the majority of practices, including:

How Are You Marketing Yourself?

Sometimes, orthodontic practices struggle because they simply aren’t finding new patients fast enough. This, at its heart, is a problem of marketing. Marketing strategies for orthodontists don’t have to be complex, but they do demand that you advertise in both the real world and the digital world. Consult with experts regarding your online marketing for orthodontists.

Transparency In Billing

No patient likes to be blindsided by a bill after undergoing orthodontic treatment. Therefore, you should be as transparent as possible when it comes to orthodontic billing. Your strategy may be to discuss costs with the patient upfront before any work is performed, or let them know that a mock-up bill can be created beforehand. This will help you avoid negative reviews since you’re putting more energy into your customer service.

Do You Accept Insurance?

In most locales, orthodontists have the option of whether they would like to accept insurance payments or not. It typically depends on whether you can handle the logistics of working with another company in order to receive payment for your services. On top of that, there may be extra laws and regulations you must follow in order to accept insurance money. Some orthodontists opt out of taking insurance money entirely, preferring to be paid by patients directly. Talk to your consultant regarding which option is best for you.

Be Up-Front About What Services You Provide

It’s tempting, especially when you’re new to orthodontics office marketing, to say generic phrases like “we do it all” or “straight teeth and more” for your office. But if that isn’t true, you should definitely revise your statements to be more specific. For example, some orthodontists only utilize traditional metal braces and don’t have the training to do Invisalign clear braces. Since 76% of prospective patients do their research on a provider’s website, you need to be clear about this. Instead of having to continually turn away prospective patients, be clear in all of your marketing literature regarding the services you perform.

Upgrade Your Tools

Sometimes, the easiest way to streamline your business is to upgrade your tools. From computers to chairs, go through your office and decide to invest in yourself today. It’s truly never too late to change. By simply getting out of your own way, you can invite new patients in to give them the wonderful smile they’ve always wanted.

Contact Orthosynetics Today

Orthodontic practice management doesn’t have to be a headache — it can also be an art form. From upgrading the computers that your office team uses to finally filing paperwork to accept larger insurance providers, you can make your practice a well-oiled machine with a little help. Contact Orthosynetics for more information today.