How to Market Orthodontic Practices During a Health Crisis

Posted on March 23, 2021

The health crisis of 2020 was an eye-opener for many orthodontic practices that had to shut their doors. Stay-at-home measures saw the flow of patients dwindle and also limited the services orthodontics could offer patients.

Still, this was an opportunity for all orthodontics practice consultants to make changes. There’s a need to learn how to market practices and offer orthodontic billing services in such moments.

How can you ensure patients can access your practice under such circumstances for more than just emergency calls? Are there marketing strategies for orthodontics that can keep revenue coming in?

Remain Visible Always

Many orthodontics consultants shut their doors semi-permanently for the better part of 2020 and weren’t able to even provide emergency services. Doing so hurt their bottom line and made them less visible to patients.

Therefore, marketing your orthodontic practice during a crisis must be a top priority if you want to survive. There are many options at hand that don’t involve meeting potential patients face to face.

With the internet and social media, the list is endless. Take this as an opportunity to create social media pages, come up with an informative blog, and create videos.

Hold Video Conference Calls

Though your offices are closed, you can still provide invaluable services to patients using video conferencing calls. Find ways to hold video consultations with them, assisting with issues that don’t need a physical examination.

Patients will be happy to pay for these services when they have the information they need. Soon word will spread on how reliable your practice is, and you’ll see a better turnover.

Pay for Commercials

Do you have a healthy advertising budget that can cater to commercials? If so, you can come up with great commercials for your practice.

When most people were stuck at home in 2020, they watched lots of television. Having a commercial running helps them note your presence and come to you when it’s safe to do so. Contact an orthodontic marketing company to help you create the best advert.

Keep in Touch with Patients

Get out that contact list and check in on your patients. They’re at home and scared of the current situation. Calling them shows that you care, and it’s another way to retain loyal customers for your practice.

At the same time, you can take the chance to offer a few tips on how to keep their teeth healthy when at home. Make the service free and keep the orthodontic billing aside for this. Patients will feel appreciated and will reward you with loyalty.

Hire a Marketing Consultant

While it’s okay to work with marketing companies, you get better results when you have a marketing consultant focusing on your practice. Their expertise will help you in many ways, including advertising to old and new patients in your area.

Consultants provide a full-scale orthodontics practice marketing strategy covering all angles, some of which you might not know.

Time to Change Strategy

Orthodontic billing suffered for many practices in 2020 with reducing revenue. For some, the doors were completely shut for months.

That was a learning opportunity for many ortho consulting groups on the importance of advertising to remain visible.