Marketing Your Business During a Health Crisis

Posted on November 3, 2020

Your current and future patients shouldn’t have to wait for a crisis to end, to receive a healthy smile. And as an orthodontist, your business needs to keep growing, with the safety of your patients as your top priority. Keep your marketing strategies for orthodontics moving, with the assistance of orthodontic marketing companies…while at the same time, reassuring your current and future patients, that their safety is being considered, and your office is always there for them…even during these unprecedented times.

Make your presence known

In this day and age, our options for orthodontic marketing can be overwhelming to say the least. Internet searches, digital ads, websites, magazines, newspapers, and even radio ads (yep they still exist) are all still viable avenues to promote your orthodontic office. Even if you are not tech-savvy, and prefer the old school method of advertising…there is no getting around it…your website is most likely what influences your patient’s choice in their selection of an orthodontist.

A successful practice needs an informative website, and that is where orthodontic marketing companies can help your business shine. When wondering if a website is necessary to draw in prospective patients, keep in mind that surveys show 76% of those prospects will be looking for a website to research what you have to offer. You will be compared to other offices, and your presence needs to be known online.

Using online marketing for orthodontic practices is a must. As you focus on your patients, orthodontic practice consultants are able to cover the area of online marketing for you.

Putting Patients at Ease Through Marketing

You do your best to make your patients feel comfortable and relaxed while visiting your office. Now you need to take it one step further, as you implement strategies to keep your patients safe and healthy during this time. However, it takes more than just putting those safety precautions into place-your patients need to know how their visit will be handled.

Using orthodontic advertising, a consultant knows how to advertise, while at the same time informing your patients about what to expect at your office. Currently, people want to know not only what their appointment will consist of, but also how the crisis is being handled. Questions about disinfecting, gloves and masks, and social distancing, are on your prospective patients’ minds. Seeing that information laid out for them on your website gives immediate peace of mind. Your office will be chosen over the one that chooses to ignore the current reality.

Orthodontic marketing companies were created to make your life easier as an orthodontic business. You have worked hard to build what you have, and to create trust among your patients. None of us were prepared for a crisis, but together we will handle it, and continue with the best marketing strategies, for business growth, and patient comfort.