Action Opens Doors. Consistency Keeps Them Open.

Posted on September 14, 2018

A team that doesn’t skip a beat is the one that boosts your bottom line.

If we had a dollar for every time we heard a doctor say, “I wish there were more business classes offered to me in dental school,” we’d have a vacation home on a private island. Trust us when we say, “We get it!” That’s why OrthoSynetics was launched in the first place, to help amazing doctors become exceptional business owners.

Dr. Amirali Tahbaz and Dr. Mona Rezapour came to OrthoSynetics as recent graduates. They had big dreams of establishing a multi-location orthodontic practice, and they were savvy enough to understand that to make their dreams become a reality quickly, they needed help. And not just friendly advice from colleagues and mentors – they needed business experts. That’s where we came in.

They wanted proven best practices implemented in their practice from day one by experienced professionals that have been there, done that, and made it happen. And that’s exactly what they received from OrthoSynetics. We gave them an advantage over other new practices in their growing market, as well as an edge over well-established practices.

“We started our new practice with OrthoSynetics. I personally had no idea about different insurances, but I learned a lot from the OrthoSynetics team. Everyone in the financial department is very helpful and professional. I highly recommend them and their services.” – Dr. Mona Rezapour

Dr. Tahbaz and Dr. Rezapour appreciated the proven systems and consistency that OrthoSynetics’ Patient Insurance & Collections Service brought to their practice. It allowed the doctors and their staff to focus on more important matters, like patient care. Ultimately, this freed up their office employees who would have otherwise had to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies following up on outstanding insurance receivables. OrthoSynetics’ oversight prevented data entry errors and ensured timely reimbursements. In addition, the doctors also received support from a dedicated revenue specialist who became an extension of their own in-office team, helping prevent potential revenue delays.

Expert Tip from Sandy Luparello, Senior Director of Practice Financial Services: It’s very important to post and reconcile electronic payments daily. Doing this not only maintains the financial integrity of patient accounts, but also ensures that you’re paying the lowest processing fees, especially since fees increase every twenty-four hours.

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