Straighten Up Your Orthodontic Marketing During A Pandemic

Posted on November 15, 2020

The current global pandemic is giving many business owners a rough time in terms of keeping and maintaining their cash flow. Seemingly no one is immune unless your business was digital to begin with, as everyone must abide by local, state, and Federal orders to keep people safe. Countless adjustments have had to be made, sometimes within a span of days or weeks. It has truly been a difficult and emotional time to be a business owner, especially if your business relies on in-person visits, such as an orthodontist.

Orthodontists are no exception to the global pandemic struggles, and your practice may have taken a hit because of its essential in-person nature. Hopefully, by now you’ve adjusted, but you may be wondering: how do I let potential patients know I’m still open and available? What marketing channels are available to me during this time fraught with uncertainty and doubt? These are essential questions to ask, and you should not feel bad for raising them. Before you throw up your hands, rest assured that many orthodontic practice consultants have found a path to progress even in this environment.

Orthodontic marketing services are still effective during a pandemic. Even though many strategies have to be adjusted, and the flow of life is interrupted, this doesn’t mean that you can’t interact with current or potential customers. Orthodontic practice consultants have found ways to continue marketing during this unprecedented time, and these strategies can work for you and your practice.

The Online World Is Your Friend

If your practice wasn’t participating in any online marketing for orthodontic practices before the pandemic, then you’ll want to start there. Even when the physical world has been shut down, the online world is still open 24/7. Making sure that your practice’s website and social media presence are top-notch may increase your practice’s customer capture rate organically, especially if you have solid reviews. In fact, approximately 60% of marketers say that inbound marketing (SEO, blog content) represents their highest quality source of leads.

If you don’t have a strong social media presence or online footprint, be sure to reach out to a company that specializes in online marketing for orthodontist practices. From setting your practice up on the correct social media platforms to creating unique and helpful blog content, they can help you get out there and keep your message clear.

Keep in Touch With Your Existing Patients

Make sure that you’re keeping in touch with your current patients via email, postal mail, or other contact-free arrangements. This is to let them know how your hours or health practices have changed. Your best customers are always your current patients, so always feel free to provide incentives to change appointments, combine services, or arrange special care if they need it. You have many digital and other technological tools available now to reach patients no matter where they are.

You can even start offering video check-ups or special office hours. You can hire someone to create detailed online content or guides that help patients manage their new braces, brackets, or other orthodontic devices. If you’re really dedicated and have an attention to detail, you can create videos describing proper dental care if your patients feel uncomfortable coming in.

Give Your Patients What They Need

Some of your patients, whether they be current or new, may not want to come into your practice any more than necessary. Orthodontic practice consultants are now noticing that some orthodontists are mailing their patients essential supplies such as bands, aligners, or other orthodontic products. This also aligns well with the general culture of receiving essential products in the mail, and helps to make your practice look much more “modern” and relevant. You can be your own delivery service!

When you’re looking to improve your orthodontic practice, look no further than Orthosynetics. Our team of orthodontic specialists can help your practice stay relevant in an otherwise scary time. We look forward to hearing from you today.