What Does an Orthodontic Practice Consultant Do?

Posted on November 30, 2021

An orthodontic practice can benefit greatly from hiring a practice consultant. Unfortunately, most practices underestimate the advantages of working with a consultant. If you are not sure how an orthodontic practice consultant will benefit you, read on to find out more about just how useful they can be.

Administrative Tasks and Patient Management

An orthodontic practice consultant can help you streamline your operations and administrative affairs. They will also help with any other clerical tasks that concern the day-to-day operations of your practice. This also involves patient management. This is an area that, if neglected, can set your practice back heavily. Fortunately, a consultant can assist by putting the best patient integration and relationship practices in place. This involves identifying the right orthodontic software and coming up with different protocols and patient engagement techniques.

Financial Management

Do you sometimes struggle with cash flow, making payroll, and deciding which bills you should prioritize? It’s not uncommon for issues to become a challenge, considering how much work you already have to do on your own. Fortunately, an orthodontic practice consultant can assist with your financial management. They will be able to advise on insurance, contracts, payments, collections, and other related issues. In short, a practice consultant will deal with any financial management issues you may have.

Optimizing Your Expenses

An orthodontic practice consultant can also help optimize your expenses. This includes dealing with costs associated with labs, overhead, and marketing. Marketing is an important part of running an orthodontic practice, and it’s often neglected. Statistics show that most potential patients, up to 73%, will first search for treatment information using search engines, and having an orthodontic practice consultant working on your marketing can help you greatly maximize these search volumes.

Clinical Management

It can be difficult to handle tasks like sterilization protocols and proper training of assistants. But of course, these are crucial tasks that should be run properly to ensure that the practice is successful. Apart from assisting with such tasks, a practice consultant can also help you plan your inventory, schedule, and treatment profiles.

Do you feel like your practice’s core values and mission statement are not being conveyed effectively to your patients? Hiring an orthodontic practice consultant will help you resolve such concerns with ease. For help finding the right practice consultant, get in touch with us today.