Why a Marketing Strategy is Important For Your Orthodontic Practice

Posted on September 4, 2020

In any business, marketing is a critical aspect of its success and longevity. If you are a newly licensed orthodontist and are considering opening your own practice, it is important to have a reputable orthodontic marketing service or orthodontic practice management to get your name out there. Marketing strategies for orthodontists include digital marketing, such as websites and other media, which is one of the most practical and cost effective marketing strategies available.


Why You Should Hire an Orthodontic Marketing Company

Beginning a new practice can be quite a challenge. Purchasing a property, hiring staff, and obtaining licensing and insurance are sure to take up ample amounts of your valuable time. This leaves very little time for a comprehensive marketing strategy that allows you to grow your practice.

Hiring a Reputable Orthodontic Marketing Company

This is perhaps the most important of all marketing strategies for orthodontists, as this will drastically affect how many patients you receive as a result. It is important to hire an orthodontic marketing company that has a proven track record of success and is updated on all the latest marketing trends.

Establish an Online Presence

Establishing an online presence is critical for any modern business. New orthodontic practices are no exception, as this is one of the most important marketing strategies for orthodontists. It is estimated that 77% of new patients find and research their doctors online. However, being active on social media can be time-consuming and you may be inexperienced with various types of platforms.

Therefore, it is critical that you hire a reputable orthodontic marketing company that is well-versed in all aspects of social media. This allows you to spread the word about your new practice. Furthermore, these companies can run ad campaigns, provide blog posts, and create other forms of target content critical to your practice’s success.

Email marketing is also an important part of your marketing strategy. Your digital marketing company will build an email list and send promotional materials to potential patients.

Create GMB and Yelp Profiles

Orthodontic marketing services know the best ways to attract potential patients. Yelp is a vital tool for many in the orthodontic field, as it allows clients to write reviews. If your Yelp profile is filled with great reviews, you could receive many additional clients. Your orthodontic marketing service will create your Yelp profile for you and optimize it to achieve the best results possible. GMB, or Google My Business, is also an important feature. By claiming your business listing, you can solicit reviews and appear more prominently in relevant Google searches online.

Post Regularly on Your Business Blog

Having a blog on your website proves to be one of the most effective marketing strategies, as you have the ability to reach thousands of potential clients when these posts are properly optimized and published regularly. An orthodontic marketing service will tailor their blogging capabilities towards your practice, such as posting before and after photos of patients or the differences between different types of braces. Posting regularly ensures that the content is fresh and it comes from a reputable source.

Beginning a new business from scratch can be extremely difficult. You have to attract potential clients, look for a viable location, and market yourself. Hiring an orthodontic marketing service can alleviate potential stress and allows you to focus on building other facets of your practice. Marketing is essential to your new practice and should be taken seriously. With the right orthodontic marketing agency, you are guaranteed to have a successful business for years to come.