Why You Need a Professional for Your Social Media and Website Design

Posted on April 2, 2024

One of the first steps in developing a business is creating a web presence. Good web design and social media profiles can help any business, especially an orthodontic practice looking for more clients. If you need an orthodontic website design and a social media presence, here are reasons you need to use a professional.

Beautiful Graphics

People tend to become more engaged when you have good media, whether it’s photos or video. Professional web developers know how to take or source media that fit your orthodontic website. They’ll have the eye to find relevant stock images that can fit what you offer or utilize your own media in the most advantageous way.

Market Research

When you’re looking for an effective web design, you need to understand the market you’re targeting. After all, you want your potential clients to visit your website and quickly find what they’re looking for. Market research involves finding the most popular keywords and keyword phrases for SEO. A web pro uses this research to focus on the type of services and products people want. Highlighting this information can increase your conversion rates. Your digital team may use surveys, phone interviews, user testing, and more.

Promotion Creation

According to Neal Schaffer, as many as 93% of today’s brands gain new customers due to their social media profiles. There’s a lot of competition on social media as most companies have a presence on it. To stand out, you need to know how to create an eye-catching ad. Marketers do this all day, every day. They know how to effectively create a marketing plan that includes social media and website promotions that include discounts and opportunities for user-generated content.

Save Time

A good orthodontic website design involves time. Thanks to the rise in popularity of braces, even amongst adults, a typical orthodontist is usually pretty busy. Therefore, you likely don’t have time to build and manage your website and social media profiles. With a solid digital team on board to handle your services, you could stick to what you do best while they ensure your website continues to run smoothly.

It’s not enough just to have a social media profile and website. You want a presence that looks professional and is relevant to your targeted audience. With your day-to-day job, you may be too busy to handle this on your own, but there are digital web professionals who can assist you. For professional orthodontic website design, contact our team at OrthoSynetics for a consultation.