Why Your Orthodontic Practice Needs a Blog

Posted on November 11, 2021

Blogging is one of the most popular inbound marketing strategies for orthodontists. However, if you are not familiar with the practice, you might still be wondering if your orthodontic practice can benefit from having a blog. Read on to find out why a blog is an important element when it comes to marketing strategies for orthodontists.

A Blog is Essential For an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Content is still king, even for orthodontic practices. There are many reasons why you must invest in inbound marketing strategies for orthodontists that involve posting high quality content on your practice’s website. Every orthodontic practice needs a collection of extremely relevant, useful, industry-specific content so they can answer their patients’ main questions and help to educate them. With a proper blog, you can do this in a way that’s not pushy or reminiscent of traditional sales pitches.

Makes it Easy to Target Potential Patients Without Chasing them Away

A blog will also help you to target your potential patients using passive, educational means. That way, they will easily trust you and interact with your content. When potential patients interact with your content, you will find it easier to get the word out about your practice without trying too hard. Apart from that, by writing and educating them on specific subjects, you will be able to display to your audience that you’re well informed and credible.

Answers Are Powerful

As an orthodontics practice, one of your main goals should be to address the concerns of your patients. Before your patient signs up for a particular procedure, like teeth alignment, they will want to know what to expect, the benefits of the procedure, and if there are any potential complications. This way, they can make a decision knowing what they are getting themselves into. In most instances, patients turn to the internet to find answers about a particular procedure before they start looking for someone to do it. So, if you happen to be the orthodontic practice that has the answers they are looking for, there is no reason for them not to come to you. After all, if you can be the source of information, you are probably more skilled in that area as well.

About 60% of marketers say that inbound marketing strategies for orthodontists that involve search engine optimization and blogging bring in their highest quality leads. This makes a lot of sense because inbound marketing addresses people who are already looking for the services that your orthodontic practice offers. All you need to do is convince them that you can be trusted, and blogging can help you achieve that.