Why Your Orthodontic Practice Needs to Perform Market Research

Posted on June 27, 2022

Marketing is one of the most overlooked areas of running an orthodontic practice. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most important. There are lots of orthodontic practices for patients to choose from, so even if you don’t realize it, you are in a competition. Nowadays, patients use the internet to look for health providers, and they will be drawn to the business with the strongest online presence. According to NCBI, 56% of patients will consult three different online sources when looking for a doctor. Here is how market research can help you leverage the internet to grow your practice.

Maintain a Patient-Centric Approach

Market research is all about understanding your patients better, and that’s a crucial step to creating a patient-centric practice. This will enable you to keep the patient experience at the forefront of everything you do. Research indicates that patient-centric practices are 60% more profitable. It’s not difficult to see why prioritizing the patient’s needs and desires can lead to growth and success.

Connect With Your Patients More Effectively

When you understand your patients better it will be easier to reach them. Marketing can be quite expensive so you shouldn’t waste time and money on trial and error. Instead, you should work with an approach that has the highest chance of delivering results. Market research allows you to create an informed marketing strategy. It will help you choose the best channels to use and the type of content that your patients are most likely going to respond to.

Identify Opportunities for Growth

Without market research, it will be difficult to tell if you are doing the best you can. This is why you need to conduct market research regularly so you can discover new opportunities to improve and grow. For instance, you can discover unreached segments. This includes patients who could benefit from your services but don’t know that you and your solutions exist yet. It also includes business partnerships. Maybe there is someone manufacturing a product that can be revolutionary for orthodontics. Essentially, you can combine the power of your businesses and strengthen your reach.

Market research is an important aspect of running a successful orthodontic practice. It’s important to find and work with experienced and competent marketing professionals who can help grow your practice. Are you finally ready to tap into the power of market research? Get in touch with OrthoSynetics today and let’s get started!