4 Common Orthodontic Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Posted on April 20, 2021

Building an online presence can be overwhelming for most orthodontists, especially when you have limited time to market yourself effectively. From website design, and social media accounts management to blogging, there are too many moving parts to keep tabs on. For this reason, mistakes are bound to happen.

Most practices turn to orthodontic marketing companies to help them craft sound strategies and make a concerted effort to avoid the common pitfalls. Here are three costly mistakes to avoid when carrying out online marketing for orthodontists.

1. Tunneling Ads to Your Website and Not a Landing Page

Most orthodontic consultants view search engine optimization as the magic bullet to online marketing for orthodontists. The numbers do back up the findings, with 77% of prospective patients doing their research through search engines online. However, PPC advertising provides a faster and more effective way to drive quality leads to your site.

If a patient is searching for your braces, it may seem logical to send them to your ‘Orthodontic Treatments’ page on your website, right? Wrong. Landing pages are vital parts of the sales funnel, critical to increasing your conversions. While your braces page may be optimized for SEO, it may not have the leading aspect present in a landing page.

You need to direct your potential clients to a page rich in content exclusive to “Invisalign” and other orthodontic braces. Ortho consulting group can help you create engaging images, videos, and text to address patients’ fears and desires, answering all queries that they may have in mind. You can improve your quality score, lower your cost per click, and get a new patient.

2. Ignoring Your Social Media

For a long period, orthodontists relied on word-of-mouth to market their craft. The internet age continues to usher in new ways for online marketing for orthodontists. One critical facet is social media marketing.

Sadly, most orthodontic practices still view social media as unprofessional, forgetting that the networks are powerful marketing entities that can help bring in new clients to the office. Your orthodontic marketing company can help create a solid marketing campaign, to drive in quality leads.

Being active on social media allows you to connect with your patients on a personal level. Focus on engagements on the posts and not followers. Experts on online marketing for orthodontists can help you create an optimized profile for each platform.

3. Using the Wrong Tracking Metrics

A key concern for most practices is how to prove that online marketing for orthodontists is working. Monitoring your progress allows you to focus on areas that bring in quality leads and fine-tune them to better the results. It can be difficult to track the impact of traditional marketing channels such as newspaper ads but relatively easy for websites and social media.

Depending on your online marketing campaign goals, you can focus on various metrics to analyze your success. Using tracking numbers is an excellent way to determine your conversion rate and ROI for the different campaigns.

4. Ensure You Have the Right Marketing Team

Online marketing for orthodontists is a complicated process that requires diligent monitoring through experienced professionals. It can be the difference between having a successful business and a struggling one. Luckily, choosing the right orthodontic marketing services can help you avoid some of the common mistakes, such as the three mentioned above. To find out more about marketing strategies for orthodontists, reach out to OrthoSynetics.