Drive Starts, Increase Conversions and Boost Your Orthodontic Practice Using a Consulting Group

Posted on September 28, 2020

Studies show that up to 48% of people using the internet researched approximately two weeks in advance of making any type of appointment. What does this mean for your orthodontic business? It’s time to use the services of an ortho consulting group that can successfully elevate your operations. Their mission is to assist orthodontic practices like yours by driving starts, boosting your bottom line, and increasing conversions. It’s about more than just succeeding; it’s about taking your practice to the next level.

Get Tailor-Made Strategies That Actually Work

Every orthodontics practice is different. That’s why your specific practice needs a tailor-made package that perfectly fits your precise needs. The ortho consulting group you use is your go-to team with experts in every area ready to provide you with comprehensive marketing strategies for orthodontics, consulting, orthodontic billing and procurement, patient insurance, and orthodontic collections, financial analysis services, and more. Make an ortho consulting group part of your team that can drive the growth of your practice while building a stronger brand for your business.

An Ortho Consulting Group Will Assist You in Reaching Your Goals

An ortho consulting group will ensure that you have everything in place you need in order to succeed. That is the whole point of their consulting services. A consulting group should use necessary building blocks such as industry trends, business analytics, as well as competitive analyses to create a business plan that is geared toward growing your profits, number of patients, and revenue. Orthodontic consultants are the experts helping orthodontic offices average an impressive net patient conversion rate starting at 80%.

You can expect an ortho consulting group to develop and implement an in-depth operational plan that is solely based on your market potential, goals, and needs. You can depend on them to execute the best possible practices that will grow your business. This also involves monitoring the potential of your practice including a review that is based on local and regional trends. When you hire a consulting group for your orthodontic practice, you’re using a resource that ensures your practice can exceed your goals.