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3 Common Orthodontic Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Building an online presence can be overwhelming for most orthodontists, especially when you have limited time to market yourself effectively. From website design, social media accounts management to blogging, there are too many moving parts to keep tabs on. For this reason, mistakes are bound to happen. Most practices turn to orthodontic marketing companies to … Continued

Comprehensive Orthodontic Revenue Cycle Management

Comprehensive Orthodontic Revenue Cycle Management

When you think about orthodontic revenue cycle management what do you think about? Does orthodontic billing come to mind? How about orthodontic insurance collections? While both are important parts of orthodontic revenue cycle management, they are not the only two activities that determine the revenue cycle. Another aspect of the orthodontic revenue cycle management is … Continued

Are Your Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists Working?

Are Your Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists Working?

Are you doing all that you can when it comes to marketing your orthodontist practice? Unfortunately, most orthodontists fall short when it comes to winning marketing strategies for orthodontists. In some cases, the orthodontist leaves marketing up to marketing companies that do not necessarily specialize in marketing strategies for orthodontics. In other cases, the orthodontist … Continued

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How to Market Orthodontic Practices During a Health Crisis

The health crisis of 2020 was an eye-opener for many orthodontic practices that had to shut their doors. Stay-at-home measures saw the flow of patients dwindle and also limited the services orthodontics could offer patients. Still, this was an opportunity for all orthodontics practice consultants to make changes. There’s a need to learn how to … Continued

How Do You Reach New Patients

How Do You Reach New Patients?

What is your orthodontic marketing strategy? If you don’t have one, you are not alone. Orthodontic marketing isn’t typically talked about in dental school. Orthodontic marketing services are not exactly a specialty of most orthodontists, but that does not mean it is a very necessary activity to keep your orthodontic practice growing. Most orthodontists rely … Continued

Orthodontic Practice Management Services and Professional Burn Out

Orthodontic Practice Management Services and Professional Burn Out

The right orthodontic practice management services can help you to grow your practice and more importantly provide top-notch care for your patients. Trying to juggle providing the best in care with orthodontic practice duties can leave you burned out. The right orthodontic practice management team can take the heat off and let you focus on … Continued

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How to Manage Your Orthodontics Practice Efficiently

Running an orthodontics practice isn’t always the easiest. There are a number of moving parts that make relying on third-party businesses a vital piece of the puzzle. After all, you deserve to do what you do best; namely, taking care of your patients. But how can you invest in orthodontic practice management? What Is Orthodontic … Continued

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Orthodontic Marketing: 5 Tips for Boosting Your Online Presence

As a result of growing competition, orthodontic practices have to develop effective strategies to be successful. Luckily, social media promotion and online marketing have opened new avenues for these healthcare providers to reach new clients. In this article, we’ll outline some of the essential elements of online marketing that can boost your online presence. 1. … Continued

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Top Marketing Strategies For Orthodontists

When you’re an orthodontist that owns a quality practice, you may wonder how you get new patients without direct advertising. Not only can marketing budgets quickly balloon to astronomical heights, but you really should consider where you want your name out there. You could easily have your face, phone number, and practice information on a … Continued

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Finances and Orthodontics: Why You Need Assistance

When there is an economic depression or other financial issues occurring throughout the country, your orthodontic practice can suffer financially. You want to make sure you have the right orthodontic practice management tools to keep your clinic running strong. After all, it’s vital that you’re making sure to continue garnering customer retention and new leads, … Continued

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