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How Can I Market During a Crisis?

When we clinked champagne glasses at midnight on December 31st, 2019, we had no idea what kind of year we would be getting into. Today, after a million questions about health and sanitation as a whole, so many businesses have suffered as the answers have been slow going. But now that the world is opening … Continued

Orthodontic Marketing Helps Build Your Practice

Orthodontic Marketing Helps Build Your Practice

You did the hard work, you went to dental school, and you even went for the additional training to become an orthodontist. Now you have your own practice, what do you do next? How do you bring patients into your practice? Orthodontic advertising services is how. Marketing strategies for orthodontics are not really addressed in … Continued

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Drive Starts, Increase Conversions and Boost Your Orthodontic Practice Using a Consulting Group

Studies show that up to 48% of people using the internet researched approximately two weeks in advance of making any type of appointment. What does this mean for your orthodontic business? It’s time to use the services of an ortho consulting group that can successfully elevate your operations. Their mission is to assist orthodontic practices … Continued

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4 Crucial Social Media Tips For Advertising Your Orthodontic Practice

Did you know that about 50% of all small businesses in the U.S. do not use social media to promote their services or products? Using the free and premium tools available on social media for your orthodontic practice has never been more critical in this highly competitive world. Read on to learn how you can … Continued

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7 Effective Marketing Ideas for Orthodontists In 2020

Growing your orthodontic practice is not easy, especially when you have limited time to market yourself. However, the highly competitive orthodontics market demands a robust online presence to ensure business success. An orthodontic marketing company can help you build your brand and online reputation. With the right mix of marketing strategies for orthodontics, you may … Continued

Why a Marketing Strategy is Important For Your Orthodontic Practice

Why a Marketing Strategy is Important For Your Orthodontic Practice

In any business, marketing is a critical aspect of its success and longevity. If you are a newly licensed orthodontist and are considering opening your own practice, it is important to have a reputable orthodontic marketing service or orthodontic practice management to get your name out there. Marketing strategies for orthodontists include digital marketing, such … Continued

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The Importance of Marketing Your Orthodontic Practice

You worked hard to get through dental school — and even harder to become an orthodontist with your own practice. You learned a lot, but one thing that was rarely covered (if at all) involved marketing your orthodontic practice. How do you bring in new patients to your practice, other than obtaining referrals from general … Continued

Put More Muscle Behind Your Marketing

Put More Muscle Behind Your Marketing

3 steps to getting more patients right now. You’ve done it all – collected names, contact information from lead forms, web inquires, and even collecting names and emails from previous practice events – but now what? If you’re looking to maximize all the information you’ve gathered to get more starts without breaking the bank, all … Continued

IT’S ALIVE! No seriously. Your brand is alive.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, “Who is this weirdo telling me that my brand is a living being?” Well, let me introduce myself: my name is Rachel Wilson and I’m the new creative director at OrthoSynetics. I am also a brand storyteller, copywriter, and strategist with over 18 years of … Continued

Marketing During A Crisis

This too shall pass, friends… Let’s just state the obvious: in the last few days it got real, real fast. While no one knows for certain how long this strange time will last, we can all agree that at this point it will be longer than any of us are comfortable with. While clinical operations have … Continued

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